What to Buy (Helpful Supplies)

Listed name-brand products can be found in Products & Supplies.

Bird Net
Nail Clippers
Coop Cup
  • Appropriate cage (size and dimensions)
  • Cage accessories (perches-manzanita preferred, dishes-stainless steel preferred, swing, possibly a nest)
  • An extra set of perches and dishes to rotate while cleaning
  • Appropriate food
  • Full spectrum light source (if the cage cannot be positioned to access natural sunlight) with timer
  • Nail clippers
  • Styptic powder (such as "Kwik-stop")
  • Deworming medication appropriate for finches (such as "Worm-out Gel")
  • Coccidiostat (such as "Coccivet")
  • Coffee bean grinder to help chop boiled egg with shell
  • Safe calcium source (such as boiled eggshell)
  • Small holding cage for transport or use as a hospital cage
  • Heating pad or heat lamp
  • Gatorade, unflavored pedialyte, or other appropriate source of electrolytes for finches
  • Extra cages if you plan to breed--you will need a place to keep the babies
  • Spray bottle with diluted bleach solution (approximately ¾ cup bleach in 1 gallon of water, a 5% solution) for cleaning nonmetal surfaces of the cage and accessories
  • Bird net
  • Phone number of a qualified, local, avian veterinarian
  • SCATT for mites
  • Hand feeding formula and needleless syringes or flat toothpicks
  • Anti-protozoal medication (such as "Ronivet-S")

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