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Small Cage
This cage is too small. Click on "Basic Housing Needs" or "Cage Selection" for details on what to look for when purchasing a finch cage.
  • Basics about Finches - Including characteristics, life span, and how to determine if they are the right pet for you.
  • Selecting New Finches - Places to find finches for sale and how to pick out the healthy ones.
  • Catching & Handling - Learn some tips for catching finches with ease and learn some techniques for finch restraint and handling.
  • Introducing the New Birds - Tips and techniques for a finch's safe and smooth transition into your household.
  • Basic Housing Needs - Some essentials every finch enclosure needs to have.
  • Basic Feeding Needs - A quick overview of the dietary needs of captive finches.
  • Maintaining Your Finches - How to monitor the health of your bird, how to tell if your bird is sick, and how to help keep your bird happy and healthy, including brief instructions on nail and beak trimming.
  • What to Buy (Helpful Supplies) - Some general supplies to help you maintain your finches and support them in the event of illness.
  • Warnings: Dangers to Avoid - A list of some household hazards and other substances which may be toxic or otherwise harmful to finches and should therefore be avoided.

Under construction:
  • Cage Selection - Guidelines for selecting a safe and sufficiently sized cage for your finches.
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