Watering Systems

Automatic watering systems bring convenience to the aviary. Drip systems can simplify the watering of live plants, misting systems can cool birds off on a dry, hot day, and specialized bird watering systems can provide fresh, uncontaminated water to your finches. Because Pseudomonas (harmful bacteria) is frequently cultured from garden hoses and PVC pipes, automatic watering systems should be flushed daily with water, and flushed weekly with diluted bleach (a 10% hypochlorite and water solution).5 This will keep the lines free of bacteria and algae which may be harmful to your finches. Naturally, flush the lines with water after flushing with bleach to rinse out any remaining hypochlorite. Remember to check that the watering system is functional each day.

Note: If you do not wish to install an automatic watering system, but would like your birds to benefit from fresh water which they cannot contaminate during the day, try weaning your birds onto water bottles. (Do not take your birds' water bowl away until you are sure that all of them have learned how to use the water bottle.) Water in these bottles still needs to be replaced daily, and bottles still need to be cleaned regularly. Also note that you will still need to provide your birds with frequent bathing opportunities. Before filling any container with water, allow the tap to run for several minutes. This will allow any toxins which have built up in plastic or copper piping to be flushed out before collection of the water.5
Details on how to install each of the automatic watering systems will be added soon, in the mean time, please refer to the following links to guide you:

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