Scientific and Medical Finch Articles

The following list represents only a fraction of the scientific and medical articles available which involve finches and other passerines. More article abstracts may be obtained through a keyword search at PubMedExternal Site. The Australian Veterinary JournalExternal Site also provides many of its archived articles to the public for free.

2 Passerine Case Studies by the Association of Avian VeterinariansExternal Site

Common Diseases of Pet Birds by the Association of Avian VeterinariansExternal Site

Abstact: Health Survey of House FinchesExternal Site

Abstact: Molt, Plumage Abrasion, and Color Change in Lawrence's GoldfinchExternal Site

Abstact: Unusual Sperm Morphology in the Eurasian BullfinchExternal Site

Abstact: Evolution of Passerine Incubation BehaviorExternal Site

Abstact: Environmental Influences on the Evolution of Growth and Developmental Rates in PasserinesExternal Site

Abstact: Song preferences by females: male song complexity and gene expression in the female brainExternal Site

Abstact: Melanin-based Black Plumage Coloration is Related to Reproductive Investment in Cardueline FinchesExternal Site

Abstact: Dietary Specialization on High Protein Seeds by Adult and Nestling SerinsExternal Site

Abstact: Paternal Genetic Effects on Offspring Fitness are Context Dependent within the Extrapair Mating System of a Socially Monogamous PasserineExternal Site

Abstact: Yolk androgens and embryo sex: Maternal effects or confounding factors?External Site

Abstact: Transgenerational effects on body size caused by early developmental stress in zebra finchesExternal Site

Abstact: * Social and sexual behaviours aid transmission of bacteria in birdsExternal Site

Abstact: * Outbreak of herpesviral conjunctivitis and respiratory disease in gouldian finchesExternal Site

Abstact: Migratory songbirds disperse ticks across Canada, and first isolation of the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, from the avian tick, Ixodes auritulusExternal Site

Abstact: * Do carotenoid-based sexual traits signal the availability of non-pigmentary antioxidants?External Site

Abstract: Early condition, song learning, and the volume of song brain nuclei in the zebra finchExternal Site

Abstract: Effects of testosterone and corticosterone on immunocompetence in the zebra finchExternal Site

Abstract: Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch malesExternal Site

Abstract: Dark nests and egg colour in birds: a possible functional role of ultraviolet reflectance in egg detectabilityExternal Site

Abstract: Avian circoviruses of the genus Circovirus: A potential trigger in Pigeon breeder's lung (PBL)/Bird fancier's lung (BFL)External Site

Abstract: * Tests of absolute photorefractoriness in four species of cardueline finch that differ in reproductive scheduleExternal Site

Abstract: Sex-biased maternal effects reduce ectoparasite-induced mortality in a passerine birdExternal Site

Abstract: An outbreak of mycobacteriosis in Gouldian finches caused by Mycobacterium peregrinumExternal Site

Abstract: Microsporidiosis in a flock of tricolor parrot finches (Erythrura tricolor)External Site

Abstract: * Periodic cooling of bird eggs reduces embryonic growth efficiencyExternal Site

Abstract: Sex steroids modulate changes in social and sexual preference during juvenile development in zebra finchesExternal Site

Abstract: Circovirus inclusion bodies in intestinal muscle cells of a canaryExternal Site

Abstract: How female reed buntings benefit from extra-pair mating behaviour: testing hypotheses through patterns of paternity in sequential broodsExternal Site

Abstract: Maternal developmental stress reduces reproductive success of female offspring in zebra finchesExternal Site

Abstract: An eye for detail: selective sexual imprinting in zebra finchesExternal Site

Abstract: Maternal effects due to male attractiveness affect offspring development in the zebra finchExternal Site

Abstract: Isolation of different serovars of Salmonella enterica from wild birds in Great Britain between 1995 and 2003External Site

Abstract: Sexual imprinting can induce sexual preferences for exaggerated parental traitsExternal Site

Abstract: Sex steroid dependence of carotenoid-based coloration in female zebra finchesExternal Site

Abstract: * Genetic covariance between indices of body condition and immunocompetence in a passerine birdExternal Site

Abstract: * A novel lipoprotein-mediated mechanism controlling sexual attractiveness in a colorful songbirdExternal Site

Abstract: Corticosterone inhibits feather growth: potential mechanism explaining seasonal down regulation of corticosterone during moltExternal Site

Abstract: Parasites affect song complexity and neural development in a songbirdExternal Site

Abstract: Socially transmitted mate preferences in a monogamous bird: a non-genetic mechanism of sexual selectionExternal Site

Abstract: Adult female and male zebra finches show distinct patterns of spine deficits in an auditory area and in the song system when reared without exposure to normal adult songExternal Site

Abstract: Inhibitors of carbohydrate metabolism reduce undirected song production at doses that do not alter food intake in singly housed male zebra finchesExternal Site

Abstract: * A retrospective description of a highly pathogenic avian influenza A virus in a free-living siskin and its accidental transmission to yellow canariesExternal Site

Abstract: * Playback of colony sound alters the breeding schedule and clutch size in zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) coloniesExternal Site

Abstract: Maternal effects influence the sexual behavior of sons and daughters in the zebra finchExternal Site

Abstract: * Diet quality and resource allocation in the zebra finchExternal Site

Abstract: * Circovirus infection in a Gouldian finch (Chloebia gouldiae)External Site

Abstract: The combined effect of lead exposure and high or low dietary calcium on health and immunocompetence in the zebra finchExternal Site

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