Terms of the Body

Terms of the Finch Body

Back (dorsum door-some)
the top part of the avian body between the nape and the rump.
Belly (ventrum)
the lower part of the avian body between the breast and the vent.
Bill (beak)
the upper and lower jaws.
Breast (pectus)
the lower part of the avian body between the throat and the belly.
Cheek (mala)
the small area on the side of the head just behind the lower jaw.
a small area under the lower jaw.
Crown (corona)
the top of the bird's head.
Ear (auris)
located behind and slightly below the eye; an opening to the ear canal which is covered in feathers.
an area on the side of the bird just above the thigh and extending back towards the tail.
Forehead (frons)
the front of the head from the upper jaw to the crown.
small area between the bill and the eye.
Nape (nucha new-kah)
the back of the neck.
Nostril (naris, pl. nares nair-eez)
where the nasal cavity opens into the upper jaw.
Rump (pyga)
the lower back, located just in front of the upper tail coverts.
Shoulder region
the area where the wing meets the body.
Tail feathers (rectrices rek-trI-seez)
the stiff main feathers of a bird's tail, used to control the direction of flight.
the upper leg.
Throat (gularis)
the area extending from the chin to the breast.
Toe (digit)
part of the bird's foot.
Toenail ("claw")
at the tip of the toe; contains a blood vessel.
Undertail (crissum kris-uhm)
short contour feathers which cover the bases of the retrices on the bottom side of the tail.
Upper tail coverts
short contour feathers which cover the bases of the retrices on the top side of the tail.
the opening to the cloaca (common chamber for the gastrointestinal, urinary, and reproductive tracts), located near where the tail meets the belly on the underside of the bird.
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